Supervisors: University of Essex

Please find details of potential supervisors at the University of Essex and their research area listed below.

For more information, please check their website:

Supervisor Department/Institute Position Theme
Nicholas Allam Sociology Professor of Sociology, Research Methods degrees co-ordinator Quantitative Sociology
Sonia Balhotra Economics Professor of Economics Early life impacts on development
Michaela Benzeval ISER Director, Understanding Society Biomarkers, Social Epidemiology
Cara Booker ISER Research Fellow, Deputy Graduate tutor, ISER Social Epidemiology
Joan Busfield Sociology Professor of Sociology, Director of Education and post graduate taught director Sociology
Paul Clarke ISER Professor of Social Statistics, Graduate tutor, ISER Biostatistics
Nicholas Cooper Psychology Centre for Brain Science, Academic Director Social neuroscience
Tom Crosswell Economics Professor of Economics Social survey methodology
Valerie Gladwell Biological Sciences Senior lecturer in sports and exercise science Sports physiology, environment
Andrew Harrison Mathematics/biological sciences Senior lecturer in bioinformatics Bioinformatics, microbiome
Meena Kumari ISER Professor of biological and social epidemiology Biomarkers, social and genetic epidemiology
Susan McPherson Health and human sciences Senior lecturer in health psychology Psychiatry, developmental psychology
Rick O’Gorman Psychology Lecturer in Psychology Biological Psychology, microbiome
Gerulf Reiger Psychology Lecturer in Psychology Personality Psychology, Social Psychology
Gavin Sandercock Biological Sciences Senior lecturer in clinical physiology Sports physiology, cardiology
Leonard Schalkwyk Biological Sciences Professor Human Genetics Bioinformatics and epigenetics
Andrew Simpson Psychology Senior Lecturer in psychology Developmental Psychology
Ewen Speed Health and human sciences Research Director, Health and Human Sciences Medical Sociology